The Inform-Transform framework is a tool for understanding and differentiating the need for transferring knowledge versus changing behavior. Its objective is to optimize business value by balancing business objectives, time, and costs.

“Inform” solutions address corporate communication and knowledge-transfer needs. Inform solutions:

typically must be developed quickly and/or on a minimal budget

do not require training professionals to develop and maintain.

Instead of developing formal training, I can help you identify and deploy appropriate processes and tools for use by internal content contributors.

“Transform” solutions address strategic needs for skill and competency development. Inform-Transform is based on research on corporate best practices* and developed over years working with clients to map various informational and skill development solutions to the following range of business needs:

  • information broadcast
  • critical knowledge transfer
  • skills development
  • organizational/career development

Transform solutions are wholly developed by myself, or I can help you build capacity by providing consulting and guidance to your internal team.